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Our book showcases just how amazing Australian magpies are, with fun quirky photos and sketches. I share my stories of how I formed such special bonds with wild magpies and express how amazing it is to have these completely wild friends, who are free to come and go whenever they please.
None of these magpies have been hand raised by me. Their real parents brought them up in the wild, which I believe… makes our story very special and unique.

When I look into the eyes of magpies I see beautiful souls. I see highly intelligent beings that have individual personalities and feelings just like we do. Each one is special, unique and has as much right to live on this earth as what we do.

Instead of spreading fear and hate about them (like many people do, especially around nesting season!) I would like to think the content that we share, helps counteract such negativity towards them and will “turn the tables”, showing the world how highly intelligent they are and how truly lucky we are to have them coexisting with us.

Many people have contacted me describing how their views on magpies have changed since coming across our Facebook page. I hope many more will follow their lead after reading our book, helping to raise an awareness of these amazing yet often misunderstood creatures of the sky.

Hard copy version of our book available here.


We ranked #1 on the publishers best sellers list, in under 3 days of it’s release!

Deborah – I received your book this afternoon and I have one word for it…” Simply Delightful” ! Yeah okay that’s two words but two very true words. From page one to the last, I was grinning like I haven’t in a long time. Your photos are wonderful, the prose was very entertaining, down right funny at times, and I’m sure I’ll wear out the pages in short order. You are so unbelievably lucky to have such a relationship with these feathered “kids”. Thank you for opening your door to such a loving world as your back yard is. My very best to you and your little buddies.

Sue – This is quite an amazing non fiction book by an Australian woman who turned her backyard into Magpie Manor – a kind of drop in centre for wild magpies where they can come and go as they please, forage for food in the yard, sunbathe, splash in a pool, play with colourful toys, and even hang off the Hills Hoist!

The Magpie Whisperer introduces us to her 3 favourite magpies that she has developed special bonds with. She relates interesting stories about how the friendships started, what the magpies get up to, and how these wild birds have not only captivated her heart but become lifelong special friends and helped her deal with her anxiety.

The book is easy to read and enjoyable because it’s not just big blocks of text. There are plenty of fantastic photos of the magpies in action as well as funny things like the scrapbook section plus interesting trivia and snippets of information.

I have been a fan of The Magpie Whisperer on Instagram for a while now, her videos of magpie antics really make me laugh, and I was excited to finally see her book published and just had to buy a copy immediately. I really love this book and it has given me a few ideas of things I could try in my own backyard for my own visiting magpies.

The Magpie Whisperer is a book I will get out and flip through and read again and again, and I recommend it if you are already a follower of The Magpie Whisperer or if you’re someone who loves magpies or who appreciates that birds have intelligence and personalities like us.

Di – Hi there – I have just purchased your beautiful book and the pdf. I have read the book via pdf and can’t wait to receive the hard copy in the mail. The book is magnificent! It brought tears to my eyes reading about Boots and R2. I, too, have had close contact with magpies visiting – and they are quite happy to come right into the kitchen and sit on the bench watching me. Unless this kind of contact is experienced, it simply cannot be explained. Thank you for taking the time to produce the book. I will treasure it.

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