Australian Magpie Resources & Further Info

Injured Or Sick Birds

Please DO NOT contact me asking me for advice on sick or injured birds as I am not a wildlife carer or expert. Please contact your local wildlife rescue or avian vet ASAP! They will be able to offer you professional advice.

Who should I contact about injured wildlife?

Find an Australian Avian Vet

➡ Helping Sick Or Injured Birds

Assessment, first aid & handy tips on wild birds

Magpie Pox (big lumps on face or feet)

➡ Found A Baby Bird?

Baby magpies – When and when not to rescue

Short term care for sick/injured magpies


Australian Magpie Books


➡  The Fearsome Flute Players – A informative book on Australian Magpies, which goes into detail about: their song, feeding, diet, behavior, territories, social hierarchies and lots more! The book includes many personal anecdotes and revelations that convey how we experience and connect with them. The book also features throughout comical Magpie cartoons which are quite amusing!

➡  Australian Magpie – A informative book on Biology and Behaviour of an Unusual Songbird.

➡  Magpie Alert, Learning To Live With A Wild Neighbour – A book on how to cope with territorial magpies during the breeding season.

➡  Magpie Island – When Magpie follows a wedge-tailed eagle, he is seized by the wind and cast away on a gaunt windswept island alone among thousands of strange seabirds. A young boy brings him a mate, and the two magpies survive the harsh conditions until Mate is killed and Magpie is once again alone.


Childrens Books

Makes suitable reading for adults young at heart too! 🙂


➡  Magpie Mischief [eBook] – Being a magpie must be wild! Most of the kids have made friends with the mob outisde their school – but Ben and his bumcrack mates give them heaps. When Ben’s big big-shot dad decides to get rid of the mob, the kids need to do something – fast! Magpie mischief or magpie madness?

➡  Daryl’s Dinner [e-audiobook] – This is the story of Daryl, the baby magpie, and how he learns to find his own food – despite many disgusting mistakes and setbacks. Quite a humorous audiobook for people of all ages, not just kids!

➡  Magpie Mischief – Pop and Pie… what a pair! One grows prize winning vegies and the other just makes mischief. Whatever can Pop do to stop that pesky magpie making a nuisance of herself? “Put her in a cage, ” we all say. But Pop won’t do that. This award-winning tale by June Peka is based on a true family story.

➡  My Feathered Friend Magoh Magee – A beautifully illustrated children’s book of the friendship between a dog and an Australian Magpie.

➡  Messy Mia – A beautifully illustrated children’s book. Mia is the messiest magpie in Middle Park. Join Mia and her mates for some marvelous marble mayhem!

➡  Magpie’s Gift – A beautiful picture book for children, photography by famous Australian nature photographer Steve Parish. In Magpie’s Gift, a magpie is searching for nesting material when he finds a piece of blue wool. However, when he returns to retrieve the wool, it has already been claimed by a satin bowerbird.

➡  Waddle Giggle Gargle! – Sitting in a tree outside Jonathan’s house is a black and white magpie. ‘Waddle Giggle Gargle!’ the magpie shouts. A delightful story about a boisterous, swooping, waddling, giggling, gargling magpie!

Australian Magpie Artists

➡  Nicole Grimm-Hewitt

➡  Emily Francis Gude

➡  Boondoon Arts & Creations

➡ Illuka Art & Design

Australian Magpie Audio & Video

➡  FREE Australian magpie Mp3’s – Download these free magpie mp3’s to use as your phones ringtone, alert tone etc.

Australian Magpie Videos – Magpies playing, singing & being cheeky all captured by me on video!

➡  David Hosking – Another magpie whisperer! Check out his magpie videos.

➡ Xeno-Canto – Sharing bird sounds from around the world.

➡ The Internet Bird Collection – The Internet Bird Collection (IBC) is a non-profit endeavour with the ultimate goal of disseminating knowledge about the world’s avifauna. It is an on-line audiovisual library of the world’s birds that is available to the general public free of charge.

➡ A Madrigal of Magpies – This recording is a celebration of Magpie song – A Madrigal of Magpies indeed!

➡ Magpie Composition – Songs of Australian Magpies just outside New England National Park, New South Wales, Australia.

➡ Vocal Repertoire Of Australian Magpies – A in-depth interesting article written by Professor Gisela Kaplan about vocal repertoire of Australian magpies.

➡ Jacko The Pet Magpie – It’s been a special eight and a half years for Orange local Mary Bullen and her magpie friend Jacko.

Further Reading – Australian Magpie Websites

➡ Magpies At Mandalay News – A diary of the magpies at Mandalay.

➡ Magpie Alert Website – Includes magpie online attack map marking places in Australia where magpie attacks have occurred, how to avoid getting attacked, readers stories & magpie statistics.

➡ The Use Of Supplementary Foods By Australian Magpies – Implications for wildlife feeding in suburban environments.

➡ Feeding Magpies

➡ Vocal Repertoire Of Australian Magpies – A in-depth interesting article written by Professor Gisela Kaplan about vocal repertoire of Australian magpies.

➡ Magpie Attack – A cartoon about a magpie swooping.

➡ Injuries Involving Magpies – Research centre for injury studies.

➡ Winged Hearts – A unique & informative website with tons of Magpie articles run by a lady who has a passion for Magpies & also other birds.

➡ Penguin Bloom The Magpie – Penguin the Magpie is a global social media sensation!

➡ Beyond black and white: The secret life of Australia’s marvellous magpies – Australians may think they know everything there is to know about the magpie, but there’s a lot hidden under the surface: from the intricacies of their mating habits to why their numbers are in decline. Ann Jones investigates.