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Blossom & Boots – Australian Magpie Comic Book

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Our book is aimed to teach the younger generation about the Australian magpie and more specifically about “swooping season”. Easy to understand, full of amusing illustrations, important morals, quirky characters and interesting “fun facts” throughout.

Adults will also find our book entertaining and may even learn a thing or two about these birds themselves.

Each Spring, Magpies get victimized, why? Because a lot of people don’t understand them. It’s a fear of the unknown for those who haven’t had any positive interaction/friendships with these birds. Befriending a magpie is one of the most rewarding experiences. Once you’ve made friends with a magpie, you have a friend for life. Make time to educate yourself about them, and if you’re open-minded and have a big heart… your opinion on these birds will surely change for the better!

You may read ‘horror headlines’ the media seem to over-dramatize each Spring. This doesn’t help people’s views on these birds at all. It just causes fear and often spreads hatred – often making some people fear or hate them, when they haven’t even experienced any such “encounters” with these birds in their lives.

An eBook (an electronic book, which you can download and read on your device, such as a computer, mobile device, iPad, etc.) version is going to be available to download for free. A physical hard copy of the comic book itself, will be available to purchase in magazine form in 2018.



Why is the eBook free? The more people we can reach with our story, the better! We want to give something to the public, free education that can be shared and passed on to others, increasing more of an awareness of these highly intelligent, amazing birds who deserve a ‘fair dinkum’ go!

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