FREE magpie mp3's we've created especially just for you to download! Use these as your phones ringtone, message alert tone etc 😀

free Australian magpie mp3's


iPad or iPhone users - May experience difficulty downloading.


The following Magpie recordings are for PERSONAL USE only. They are NOT to be re-uploaded to the internet or edited.

      Boots & Snoopy - NEW! (Boots is the one with the loud call)

      R2-D2, Baldy & Mrs.R2 - Alert Tone - NEW!

      Portland Magpies - Alert Tone - NEW!

      R2-D2 - Alert Tone - My favourite sound, R2-D2!

      Clucking - Alert Tone - Chicken or magpie!?

      Pigarotti And Tiny Tim

      Tiny Tim - Black Cockatoo Call - Tiny Tim mimicking the black cockatoo call.

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      Squabble - Alert Tone

      Pigarotti - Alert Tone

      Gobbles - Alert Tone

      Distress Call

      Browser The Magpie

      Magpie Crying - Alert Tone - Bob crying

      The Gang

      Pigarotti And Bubbas

      Sunday Morning Song


      Gobbles Singing

      Wowser - Alert Tone

      3 Minutes Of R2-D2

More FREE magpie mp3's coming soon!

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