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Questions on sick/injured magpies or other wildlife? Please DO NOT contact me asking for advice, please contact your local wildlife rescue or vet ASAP! They will be able to offer you professional advice.

Listed below are some useful magpie resources, please look at these links before contacting me.

For all other general questions on magpies, please join and post your questions in the Facebook group The Australian Magpie

Please add my email address to your contact list/safe senders list. This will prevent any emails from me possibly ending up in your junk mail folder!

Useful magpie resources

Who should I contact about injured wildlife?

Find an Australian Avian Vet

Helping sick or injured birds

Assessment, first aid & handy tips on wild birds

Is your magpie male or female?

Magpie Pox (big warts/lumps on face or feet)

Baby magpies – When and when not to rescue

Short term care for sick/injured magpies

Feeding magpies

Getting along with magpies

Swooping magpies