the magpie whisperer
Eskimo kisses with Boots, after my arrival home being gone for 2 weeks.
The Magpie Whisperer

In my backyard, reside free-spirited wild magpies who are 100% free to come and go as they please. Despite the amazing bonds I have formed with a special few, none of them have been hand raised by me. Their real parents have brought them up in the wild. The Magpie Whisperer website, shares with viewers, how intelligent and wonderful these much loved Aussie birds can be.

I’ve been observing magpies closely for several years now. I’ve dedicated about 5 years of my life to them. I study, observe, photograph, videograph, write, paint and draw them. I even create art with them – such as claw paintings.

I battle with anxiety and these birds have been great therapy for me. I’ve always preferred the company of animals than to people (especially magpies!)

Blossom & Boots Comic Book

Aiming to teach the younger generation about Magpies and more specifically about “swooping season”. Easy to understand, full of amusing illustrations, morals, quirky characters and interesting “fun facts” throughout.
Adults will also find our book entertaining and may even learn a thing or two about these birds themselves!

Each Spring, Magpies get victimized, why? Because a lot of people don’t understand them. It’s a fear of the unknown for those who haven’t had any positive interaction/friendships with these birds. Befriending a magpie is one of the most rewarding experiences. Once you have made friends with a magpie, you have a friend for life.
Make time to educate yourself about them, and if you’re open-minded and have a big heart… your opinion on these birds will surely change for the better! …Continue reading

A video I hold close to my heart