The Magpie Whisperer

In my backyard, reside free-spirited wild Australian Magpies who are 100% free to come and go as they please. Despite the amazing bonds I have formed with a special few, none of them have been hand raised by me. Their real parents have brought them up in the wild. The Magpie Whisperer website, shares with viewers, how intelligent and wonderful these much loved Aussie birds can be.

When I look into the eyes of Magpies I see beautiful souls. I see highly intelligent beings that have individual personalities and feelings just like we do. Each one is special, unique and has as much right to live on this earth as what we do. While some people see them as “devils”, I see them as angels in disguise, angels who have brightened my life during dark times. These birds have been wonderful therapy for me and the light at the end of the tunnel. I love them and think of them as family, not just an ‘animal’. Click to read more

The Misunderstood Australian Magpie – How to Avoid ‘Swooping Season’

Spring is here, which means ‘Magpie Swooping Season’. You hear about it on the news, read about it online; usually, these stories are unnecessarily exaggerating the topic with distressing headlines such as – ‘Killer Magpies,’ ‘Magpies Must Die,’ making them out to be Australia’s most dangerous animal. But here’s something to think about, according to Gisela Kaplan, Professor in Animal Behaviour, the most dangerous animal in Australia is an ant, the jumping jack – which kills more people annually than crocodiles (source).

We Have the Same Family Values as These Birds When It Comes to Protecting Our Children

Imagine an intruder lurking around in your backyard or invading your home; you have an innocent baby nearby that you’d do anything to protect, you’re not even sure what the intruder’s intentions are – now how would that make you feel? Threatened, scared, raged? Now, what does your natural instinct tell you to do in this situation? Protect your child, of course, by any means, this is no different than to what a magpie parent would do to protect his child, and I wish some people would learn to respect that fact. Click to read more