the magpie whisperer
Eskimo kisses with Boots, after my arrival home being gone for 2 weeks.
The Magpie Whisperer

In my backyard, reside free-spirited wild magpies who are 100% free to come and go as they please. Despite the amazing bonds I have formed with a special few, none of them have been hand raised by me. Their real parents have brought them up in the wild. The Magpie Whisperer website, shares with viewers, how intelligent and wonderful these much loved Aussie birds can be.

I’ve been observing magpies closely for several years now. I’ve dedicated about 5 years of my life to them. I study, observe, photograph, videograph, write, paint and draw them. I even create art with them – such as claw paintings.

I battle with anxiety and these birds have been great therapy for me. I’ve always preferred the company of animals than to people (especially magpies!)

Magpie Swooping Season

Would you go swimming in the ocean if there were shark warning signs placed on your local beach? Not likely! So what do you do? Naturally, you stay out of the shark’s territory until the sign has disappeared, and it’s safe to go back into the water. Please try and treat magpie warning signs with as much caution and respect; they are there for a reason, to help protect us, but the signs are utterly useless if people disregard them. Continue reading…

Blossom & Boots Comic Book

Aiming to teach the younger generation about Magpies and more specifically about “swooping season”. Easy to understand, full of amusing illustrations, morals, quirky characters and interesting “fun facts” throughout.
Adults will also find our book entertaining and may even learn a thing or two about these birds themselves!

Each Spring, Magpies get victimized, why? Because a lot of people don’t understand them. It’s a fear of the unknown for those who haven’t had any positive interaction/friendships with these birds. Befriending a magpie is one of the most rewarding experiences. Once you have made friends with a magpie, you have a friend for life.
Make time to educate yourself about them, and if you’re open-minded and have a big heart… your opinion on these birds will surely change for the better! Continue reading…

A video I hold close to my heart

6 months ago

The Magpie Whisperer

My best friend, Boots
I'm usually quite self-conscious about my big boofhead being in videos πŸ˜› But I wanted to share this beautiful moment I captured with Boots yesterday.

Not to forget, Boots is completely wild. He hasn't been hand raised, he's not kept as a pet. This level of trust was earned by spending LOTS of time together! We've been the best of friends for almost 2 years now <3

You can learn more about us on our website 😊 -
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My best friend, Boots

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The bird is wonderful, and the young woman mustn't forget how lovely she is too. No selfie putdowns πŸ™‚ makes magpies unhappy..

You are so beautiful inside and out judging by your precious videos. Boots is just adorable and you can tell that you two are best of friends. Thank you for loving your little birdies and giving them a safe back yard to stay in before they fly off on their adventures πŸ™‚

years ago now, l found this Australian Raven on a busy road, had to wait until there was a break in the traffic to dash out and get him, took him home cleaned him up, he was heat exhausted and had grazes from being clipped by a car , he let me handle him, clean his wounds, he knew l was helping him, he sat on my arm for a photo, which l felt blessed to have had such a magnificent bird so close and after an hour he was looking better so l took him back to where his mate was waiting and he flew off. .

Just beautiful, I am not quite at that stage with Maggie yet but the good news is he has invited a friend to join him in the household.Yes , the trust is amazing and visitors cannot believe a wild bird could be so gentle and trusting and fill the home with songs.

My own magpies have been coming for four years (plus babies each year) but they don't sit on me for this long! Just the occasional time they climb on my knee. What a magical sight this is xx

So heartwarming! My magpie friends, Papa Bent-Tail and Mumma come when called by me and sometimes depending on their mood and our cats being inside, will eat from my hand! I love them, they are beautiful intelligent creatures! Keep up your good work! They are a joy to have around!

What a fantastic relationship. We were watching a movie set in Australia last night and heard magpies in the background. Thanks to you I recognized them.

when I look at the 7 wild magpies who visit my space- i often feel that they crave a kiss and cuddle... as they inch closer and generally try to be more proximate as i do garden stuff... this is lovely

We have seen this little one from a chick in his/her nest. His/her Mum left a couple of weeks ago. He walks in our house when looking for food. Can anyone confirm if it's a girl/boy.

He's not completely wild, but being such an intelligent bird they are very selective about their human company. My local magpie clan do come to demand a feed. I don't get too close to them but put it out for them to enjoy above my cats & dog so they're not bothered. Of course, they take the dog's food & tease him on purpose! Such clever birds. My only concern with them is they fly low over roads laterally across the road. It always makes my heart ache to see dead magpies. We all need to slow down when driving. I love seeing them with bugs in their beaks, feeding naturally.

Beautiful video! To earn the trust of a wild bird takes a beautiful spirit. You are as lovely on the inside as you are on the outside. I always believe that animals see the true beauty of a person!

Samantha Peters...I love this sight ! It's absolutely beautiful !!! The sounds of communication the magpies make is just lovely & happy !!!! 😍😍😍

Got a bunch of magpies too. But, the 'junior' is a mystery. Looks like a magpie physically except the back plumage is grey and in circles. Any comments on this? The parents who it hangs around with disowned it. Makes a 'bae' sound when the big male is around. Your magpie looks familiar. We had one a couple of years back named Fat. One day he disappeared in the middle of the breeding season. Thought he got removed by the rangers and relocated. Puffed himself up into a 25 cm round black ball.

Boofhead? What is that? All I know is, if my friend Amy Geppetto Green lived down there, she would be doing the same thing. She's a lovely lady who has great relationships with pigeons in Massachusetts. πŸ’š

You've got a gorgeous buff head and boots is pretty cute too. He seems to love your affection. Always good reading the comments here too. Lots of genuine magpie lovers πŸ™‚

What an amazing, special bond you have with this beautiful bird. You are wonderful, kind hearted person. The birds obviously know this about you since you have achieved such a level of trust with them. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your lovely friends. πŸ–€

That is really amazing. It takes a lot of trust to do that with a beak that can peck your eyes. I used to have hand-raised Senegal parrots. It takes a lot of trust to let them sit on your shoulder so close to your face. It's true love and respect πŸ™‚ Beautiful πŸ™‚

Do you think magpie-induced deafness could become a thing? When your bird bestie decides to warble at full throttle when perched next to your ear. πŸ˜‰

What a cutie. He has lots to say about the kissing too. I would be proud to have him as my friend. I have a few crows here in Alberta that know me now. Sometimes in winter, I can tell they are beginning to starve, so I feed them the leftover cat food that my cat has crunched down to little dots. They love it, and they call out to their friends and family to come by for a meal. One time, after I fed them, I guess they were waiting for me to come out of the house. When I did, the family did a fly by in a loose formation. I was honored. I am pretty sure it was a thank you. They are so smart.

I have had a "rescue" magpie for three years and she still bites me! Sometimes she is lovely and gentle and other times she could bite my hand off!!! I tried letting her out of the cage last week, she flew off and I didn't see her for two days, was so worried, thought she was dead and she turned up at my sisters in laws place starving, scared and exhausted!! I had to lock her up again as she obviously has no idea how to look after herself in the wild! I would love to let her out if only she would stay around our place so I could continue to feed her! If anyone out there knows of a sanctuary that would take her and look after her properly please advise me !

Absolutely beautiful. I taught my wife when we where living in the country to befriend the Magpies that lived close to home. She had a local Magpie mother bring her young to my wife to get to help feed and baby sit the young especially when the mum wanted to have a break and bathe in the pedestal birdbath. My wife would alway say to the family of magpies to sing for their supper and they always did. Truly one of the most beautiful bird calls we hear in the Australian outdoors. Please keep sharing your beautiful backyard Magpie wonderland.

In my teens we moved into this new place and it had quite a bit of yard that needed tidying up. In the process we created a fairly big pile of rubbish destined for the tip. One day I came outside to find a magpie trying to pull some chicken wire out of the pile. I went and got some pliers and cut of about a 15cm square piece of the chicken wire and dropped it on the ground. I remember the magpie looking at me, then hopping over, picking it up and flying off with it. An hour later he or she was back there again trying to pull more out. I cut off another square and this time dropped it near my feet. The magpie came over, picked it up and flew off with it. I wandered out the front of the house to try and find where all this reinforcing was going. As I'm looking up into the gum trees a wire coat-hanger fell out of the sky and almost hit my on the head, closely followed by the magpie. I just stood still, and the owner-builder picked it up from my feet and took off. About three weeks later I'm sitting at the breakfast table eating my cereal when I hear a magpie singing right beside me. He had wandered in the often-open front door and had landed on the other bench seat. From then on I would see him in my room, in the shed, all over the place. I'm going to try and find a picture of him sitting beside me whilst I worked on uni assignments on the computer. Magpies are amazing, beautiful, intelligent animals, and can be quite friendly once they trust you. Your site often reminds me of that magpie and his/her family (first there was one, then two, then three more babies, and although the adults would come inside the house the chicks were never allowed it).

Amazing trust and love between the both of you! Thank you for sharing such an awesome moment! Animals know who is pure of heart!

I used to have wild maggies come into my yard everyday and they were all friendly. 2 in particular were just like boots - I could walk around with them on my shoulder or arm. They are the most amazing birds.

Darling don't be ridiculous, you're lovely. Beautiful and intelligent magpies pick the prettiest girls! Your videos bring such delight to a hard old world, bless you and your sweet little friends.

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