Who Is the Magpie Whisperer?


Who Is the Magpie Whisperer?


The Magpie Whisperer has great respect and understanding for Australian Magpies. She’s been observing these wild birds up close and personal for several years, while being lucky enough to form extremely close bonds, with some.
In her backyard, she has named ‘Magpie Manor’, The Magpie Whisperer provides a safe and fun environment for when these birds come to visit her. None of the magpies have ever been caged or hand raised, they have all grown up in the wild, being free to come and go whenever they please.
Not only do these birds bring her joy, but they also bring much joy to complete strangers, as she regularly shares on social media with her 130,000+ followers from around the world, their quirky antics.
From ‘feel-good’ videos, which have received tens of millions of views, to her images which capture and convey the spirit of the Australian Magpie.

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“I battle with anxiety, and these birds have and continue to be remarkable therapy for me. Iโ€™ve always preferred the company of birds than to people. I owe a lot to magpies; they brighten my life, they bring me so much happiness and companionship. I feel like I belong somewhere and have a purpose when I’m with them. I also get a ‘buzz’ from their company; they’re an instant mood lifter! I honestly don’t know what I’d do if it weren’t for them.”


“People often ask me how I differentiate between these birds, for me, itโ€™s easy… I can usually tell them apart just by their voice alone, without even having to see them. They all look different if you spend a bit of time getting to know them. They also have distinct features and unique personalities that make them individually stand out.”

“They are indeed, remarkable birds. I’ve heard numerous stories of people telling me of their late pet, or family member passing away, and out of the blue, a friendly magpie will appear in their backyard. They explain to me the magpies help comfort them with the grieving process.
The birds will perch next to them, sing them a song, follow them around the garden, and they will just want to be close to the person in general.
One person told me, a magpie saved their life, they had fell into such a deep depression from the loss of their loved one, if it weren’t for that magpie comforting them, they wouldn’t be here today.”


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